Sunday, April 26, 2009

home again, home again! jiggity jig!

Well well well...we are home! and have been since the 24th. and you're right if you are thinking, shouldn't they be in Ireland? Because yes, we should be. 
Due to Ryan Air over booking the plane to Cork, which we didn't know at the time, our tickets were declared invalid at the gate. After...going all the way through security, and multiple people looking at our boarding passes who said everything was fine. We learned later that they are pretty infamous for doing this, I'm just sad it happened to us. So after crying in the airport and the whole 30 train trip home I was just ready to be home!!! We still had a place to stay for one night with our group, so that was good, and mom got our flights change to leave the next day. I was so excited to get home, but it was soo sad that be had gotten jipped out of our trip to Ireland. Ryan Air wouldn't refund anything, but thank goodness we cancelled our rooms in Cork and they didn't charge us. It could have cost us alot more than it did...and just losing the cost of the plane tickets wasn't fun. In the end, Stephen and I handled it like champs. It was sad and frustrating, but we figured it all out. I was proud of us. 
So the next morning we woke us and were on a bus to Gatwick. (we were just there, right? yes.) We napped in the airport until our flight and then watched three movies on the way home! I love in flight movies! Our flight change was in Ohio, and we went thru customs and all the stuff and it was fine. I had two large suitcases both at there limit weight wise, then two backpacks absolutely stuffed! With Stephen it wasn't actually the amount of luggage (one large suitcase, a hanging bag, and backpack) it was the weight of the backpack that made it hard for him. See, he had bought chain mail in Scotland and the only way to get it home was as a carry on due to the weight. But that meant it had to go through security with us. It was hilarious how the security in the UK just laughed and didn't freak out, but the security in America were practically frightened by it!!! They looked scared and opened the box super carefully! hahaha, it was pretty funny. 
Well like I said we are both at my house right now. When we first got home we headed straight to Taco Bell, goodness I had missed it! I had my cheesy double beef burrito and was extremely happy! Then we got home and I unpacked everything in the middle of my very new living room! That's right, I live in a new house! It's beautiful! My parents and Jena did an AWESOME job on it, and I even have a bathroom with lots of birds in it! yayyy!!! Today Stephen and I went to see his brother and sister in law and his Nephew. Trey and Lindsay live in Dallas so it was funny me and Stephen driving up there after not driving for so long. Baby Tristan  has gotten so big since we last saw him, and he is a happy baby! They also treated us to our first mexican meal since getting home! We had such a good time visiting them! Well now it's technically Sunday. I  woke up at 4:45, my body telling me it was 10:45. haha. I'm still awake, trying to be productive by ordering pictures, and updating on here. After church I'm going to drive Stephen to Abilene. I'll stay the night and see some friends! I'm very very excited!!
Well i'm not quite sure if I'll continue to blog. Maybe i will for awhile and tell you about how weird it is to be in America! Stephen has an accent and it sounds soo weird now that we are home, I had not even noticed it when we were in London, everyone talked like that! haha! I'm actually really hungry right now. I'm gonna go get breakfast #1. 
Love you all, Can't wait to see all of you and show you pictures!!

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Brent and Cara Beth said...

Welcome home! Love you! Thanks for the postcard! We love it and will post it proudly on our bulletin board in our office of our new soon as I locate the bulletin board. Our new house is mucho messy! :) Can't wait for you to come see it!